Born in 1990 in the beautiful town of Puerto Pollensa on the north coast of Mallorca, Spain (seen in the background), business has always surrounded and driven me from a young age. Whether it was selling playing cards at school with 10 years of age, managing my family’s restaurant or hustling multiple jobs whilst progressing through university, whether I knew it or not, the entrepreneur spirit was always within me.

Having completed my second year studying computer programming at university, I couldn’t help but feel unfulfilled in my field, indifferent to what I was doing and began questioning my future. I decided to take a year off to figure things out. Little did I know that just months later I would be co-founding my first company and created my first product.

From what started as having fun with friends, Gigi Ultra-Premium Vodka was conceived: a Polish product of excellence, five-time distilled from the finest locally sourced winter wheat and purest spring water. All of a sudden, I’d found my passion and knew I was at the begining of a path that was meant fo me.

Regardless of the product’s awards, meeting countless international VIPs and experiencing the many events set throughout high-class establishments found in Madrid, Barcelona, Geneva, London and multiple other European locations, I knew I wanted to develop my business knowledge and broaden my potential impact to more than just the spirits market.  

I not only applied into a Business Bachelors at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), but began my own consultancy. Helping others achieve their full growth potential and market impact. I was able to not only assist various organizations in the Food & Beverage Industry with international projects, but also provide my services in the Insurance Industry to Agrupació Assurances du Crédit Mutuel.

Fast forward some years of further progressing my education, advancing my professional work and travelling throughout Europe, I find myself living in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s here where I continue to offer my services on both an international level to companies such as the London-based Laws of Attraction as well as extend myself towards American-based companies such as Black Sapphire Group.

Today I happily sit as COO of Carbon Dollar X: a project I’m very passionate about and have been working on behind the scenes for the last 2 years.

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